MMS: Space Weather Action Center (MAGNETOSPHERE)

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MMS: Space Weather Action Center (MAGNETOSPHERE)
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Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission
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Code 672
Greenbelt, MD 20771
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MMS, Heliophysics, Community Coordinated Modeling Center
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This program encourages students to design, assemble and use an 'easy to make' learning center called a Space Weather Action Centers (SWAC) .These centers provide a focused environment where students can monitor and report the progress of a solar storm or focus on data input from individual missions like MMS . As part of the SWAC setup, each center includes one computer with internet access to current and archived NASA data. Student flip charts offer 'Step by Step' instructions needed to quickly retrieve and transfer data to specified data collection sheets. Additional directions are provided to help students transform all of the newly acquired information into regularly scheduled news reports.

MMS will work with the CCMC at Goddard Space Flight Center to revise the MAGNETOPHERE section of the program to better reflect mission based science. For more project information, see

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Space Weather Action Center Website Banner
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MMS is working with the SWAC team to revise the MAGNETOSPHERE section. For more SWAC project information, see
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National Priorities and Coordination Approaches as Articulated in CoSTEM:
  • Improve STEM Instruction
  • Increase and Sustain Youth and Public Engagement in STEM
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Educate in-service and pre-service teachers (face-to-face) in MMS science with space weather data from NASA spacecraft (analysis and interpretation); Engage students in learning about space weather with an emphasis on magnetic fields and reconnection.
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Teachers and students are enthusiastic about the multimedia nature of the Space Weather Action Center, making their own forecasts, and recording them
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