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SDO Project Suite
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The SDO Project Suite is an NGSS-aligned curriculum that integrates new and adapts existing solar and space weather resources, which can be completed as a coherent unit or as individual lessons. The SDO Project Suite consists of a series of four student-led Solar Modules, with real-world application, that provide an interactive exploration of Solar Science:

Module 1: Introduction to the structure and features of the Sun.

Module 2: Investigates how and why the Sun is studied via the electromagnetic spectrum and magnetism.

Module 3: Explores the significance of solar activity and the effects of space weather on Earth.

Module 4: Student collaboration to design, create, and curate a 3-D Solar Exhibit summative assessment

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As a result of presenting an SDO Project Suite activity as part of the 2014 NOAA 8th grade Science Days, the NOAA Space Weather Predication Center plans to include the curriculum as part of their online educational resources.

Discussions are currently underway with NOAA to develop a Science on the Sphere presentation on Space Weather that incorporates SDO imagery supported by the SDO Project Suite curriculum.
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  • Improve STEM Instruction
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The goal of the SDO Project Suite is to promote education and public outreach of the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s cutting-edge research and groundbreaking data.

Driving Questions:
What are some natural effects of the Sun-Earth relationship?
What are the causes and effects of solar activity?
Why is understanding and predicting solar activity important?
How is the Sun and solar activity researched by scientists?
How are Earth and its societies impacted by space weather?
Can space weather be accurately forecasted?