Planetary Science Summer School

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Planetary Science Summer School
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Planetary Science Summer School
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4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 111-B29
Pasadena, CA 91109
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Planetary Science Summer School (PSSS).  PSSS prepares the next generation of engineers and scientists to participate in future solar system exploration missions. Participants are highly qualified science and engineering post-docs, recent PhDs, and doctoral students with a strong interest in planetary exploration.  Through preparatory webinars and a one-week experience at JPL with Team X mentors, students develop a mission concept and present it to a "review board" of JPL scientists and engineers and NASA HQ executives.  Students learn the mission life cycle, roles of scientists and engineers in a mission environment, mission design interconnectedness and trade-offs, and the importance of teamwork.  2 sessions of approximately 18 students each are held in the summer.

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