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Post Date Features Briefings on 4/16 & Cygnus Launch 4/17 to the ISS 4/16/2019 12:13 PM CDT
NSF Job: Section Head of the Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC) Closes March 25, 2019 3/1/2019 12:57 PM CST
Active USIP Cooperative Agreements and the Absence of NASA Appropriations 12/26/2018 12:12 PM CST
NASA Program Scientist Job in the R&A element of the Earth Science Division: Closes 12/28/2018 11/28/2018 2:55 PM CST
NASA Job Closing 01/03/2019: Director, Earth Science Division in Washington, DC 10/24/2018 11:08 AM CDT
Community Comments Due 12/7/2018 DRAFT Earth Venture Continuity-1 (EVC-1) Program Element Appendix (PEA) 11/20/2018 2:28 PM CST
Research Proposals for Earth and Space Science Graduate Students Due in February and March 2019 11/7/2018 1:47 PM CST
New Closing Date for Mars-Related Non-Reimbursable Agreement Competition October 29, 2018 8/9/2018 3:46 PM CDT
Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) Step-1 proposal due October 19, 2018 9/24/2018 10:38 AM CDT
Senior Scientist for Heliophysics Division NASA@HQ Extended Closes 10/08/2018 9/11/2018 9:29 AM CDT
9/17/2018 Email Outage: NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System 9/17/2018 8:37 AM CDT
National Assessment Governing Board Self and Other Nominations Due 10/31/2018 9/14/2018 12:00 PM CDT
Registration Reminder: Aviation and Space Museums Conference 11/2-6/2018 in Tucson, AZ 9/5/2018 8:35 AM CDT
Deputy Chief Scientist Position at NASA Headquarters Closes 9/5/2018 8/29/2018 12:58 PM CDT
Nominations Due 1 December 2018 for the NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC) 8/29/2018 12:41 PM CDT
Planetary Scientist Senior Executive Service Opportunity at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Closes 9/21/2018 8/27/2018 3:42 PM CDT
Earth Science Community Forum In-Person RSVP by 9/4/ No RSVP for Virtual Attendance 8/23/2018 10:30 AM CDT
On-Line Information Session for Forthcoming NASA Challenge Open to Eligible Higher Education Students 8/15/2018 12:56 PM CDT
On-Line Information Session(s) for a Forthcoming NASA Challenge Open to Eligible Higher Education Students 8/15/2018 12:51 PM CDT
STEM & Civil Rights: Item from the Department of Education April 27, 2018 ED Review Newsletter 4/27/2018 8:18 AM CDT
Seeking Scientists and Engineers to Review NASA Education's Fellowship Applications 2018 3/30/2018 12:50 PM CDT
NASA Aeronautics’ University Leadership Initiative Applicants Online Workshop April 4 3/28/2018 10:47 AM CDT
GAO-18-290: STEM Education: Actions Needed to Better Assess the Federal Investment 3/26/2018 9:28 AM CDT
Minority University Research and Education Program Pre-Proposal Teleconference 3/1/2018 8:56 AM CST
State of NASA & The Fiscal Year 2019 Budget 2/9/2018 4:17 PM CST
Register in Advance: 60 Years: Explorer I Mission & Earth’s Radiation Belts to Attend Event In-Person or Via WebCast 1/25/2018 10:57 AM CST
Closing 2 Feb 2018: Program Scientist Job Openings At NASA Headquarters 1/4/2018 12:48 PM CST
Webinar Jan 5th FW: Be a Fellow with the Office of Evaluation Sciences: Apply by January 14th 1/4/2018 10:20 AM CST
Applications due 1 Feb 2018 for 2018-2019 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships 1/4/2018 9:53 AM CST
Search Recommendations By 1/22/2018: Candidates for NSF's Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources 12/29/2017 8:13 AM CST
Two Funding Competitions Published by NASA Education@Headquarters December 2017 12/22/2017 10:45 AM CST
The Exploratorium's Navigating the Path of Totality Final Evaluation Report Published By 12/22/2017 8:44 AM CST
Undergrad & Grad Student Summer Internship January Deadline w/ Domestic Nuclear Detection Office 12/20/2017 9:59 AM CST
Making & Innovation Showcase February 22-24, 2018 & Support for HBCUs 12/7/2017 8:09 AM CST
NOAA Literacy Grant Informational Telecon 11/29 for Proposals Due 12/19/2017 11/22/2017 8:20 AM CST
INFO: Occurs 12/8/2017: NSF Webinar Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Update – How to Register 11/7/2017 8:24 AM CST
2017 October Newsletter Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis /Conference Proposal Deadline Oct 13tjh 10/12/2017 11:26 AM CDT
Great American Eclipse: To Totality and Beyond:CONGRESSIONAL HEARING ON NASA TV 9/26/2017 2:06 PM CDT
RSVP link for 27 September NASA Virtual Career Summit for Higher Education Students 9/22/2017 1:07 PM CDT
Job @NASA Headquarters Senior Research Leader in Science Mission Directorate Closes: 10/18/2017 9/19/2017 9:36 AM CDT
NASA Research Announcement NRA: Human Exploration Research Opportunities (HERO) Released August 2017 8/2/2017 8:23 AM CDT
NASA Advisory Committee AD Hoc STEM Task Force Meeting 7/19/2017 11:27 AM CDT
NASA Advisory Council: Ad Hoc Task Force on STEM Education Meeting 7/13/2017 11:27 AM CDT
Special issue of the Journal of Youth Development: Call for Papers 7/11/2017 3:08 PM CDT
Job in the NSF Directorate for Education Closes 25 July 2017 7/11/2017 3:00 PM CDT
Development Resources for Summer Research Students 6/21/2017 9:41 AM CDT
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Application Deadline 1 August & Informational Webinars 5/31/2017 8:18 AM CDT
NSF-Funded EvaluATE's April Newsletter focuses on Reporting 4/27/2017 9:14 AM CDT
Ocean Worlds Press Conference Broadcast on and NASA TV 4/11/2017 10:21 AM CDT
U.S. Department of Education Guidance for Leveraging Funding to Support STEM Education 1/19/2017 1:16 PM CST
URL to Select OSTP documents Post Obama 1/17/2017 3:58 PM CST
Job with Council of Graduate Schools/Review of applications will start on Monday January 23, 2017 1/13/2017 12:37 PM CST
Job@NASAHQ Closes 4 January 2017 Heliophysics Research Program 1/2/2017 4:38 PM CST
American Institute of Physics (College Park, MD) seeks Science Policy Analyst. 12/20/2016 5:12 PM CST
Job at NASA HQ Office of Education CLOSES Tues, 12/27 12/20/2016 4:54 PM CST
Real People Behind Hidden Figures, Stars Join NASA to Mark Anniversary, Celebration of Diversity MEDIA ADVISORY: M16-134 11/26/2016 5:22 PM CST
RSVP to Participate or just watch starting 11 AM Eastern Virtual Event about Film Hidden Figures 11/26/2016 3:30 PM CST
Institute for Broadening Participation Summer Opportunities for undergrad and grad STEM students 11/20/2016 3:23 PM CST
Federal Job Closes 11/23/2016 Research Analyst 11/14/2016 9:34 AM CST
NASA Education Civil Servant Job in CA Closes Wednesday 11/16/2016 11/10/2016 4:29 PM CST
Job for Program Scientist in the Heliophysics Science Division @ NASA HQ 11/9/2016 1:52 PM CST
National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Webinar 11/17 and Grant Deadline 1/26/217 11/8/2016 10:54 AM CST
NASA Advisory Council; Ad Hoc Task Force on STEM Education Meeting 11/1/2016 12:24 PM CDT
7 December Deadline for STEM Summer Internships w/US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 10/26/2016 9:18 AM CDT
GAO Released a Citizen Science Study October 2016 10/23/2016 4:57 PM CDT
GAO Report w/ Recommendation on Evidence of Effectiveness for Federal Grantees 10/23/2016 4:52 PM CDT
RSVP for In-Person or Webex Principles & Practices for Federal Program Evaluation Workshop 10/12/2016 11:56 AM CDT
Do you subscribe to NASA's 'Science WOW!' Weekly Email Newsletter? 9/29/2016 4:34 PM CDT
NASA’s Science Mission Directorate is seeking volunteer reviewers 9/14/2016 3:46 PM CDT
1 PM Eastern OSTP Update on President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative. 9/14/2016 8:36 AM CDT
Corporation for National and Community Service invites papers for December conference in DC 9/6/2016 1:02 PM CDT
Webcast and RSVP Info Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking Meeting on Privacy 9/6/2016 12:49 PM CDT
Invite to A White House Innovation Conference in Pittsburgh, PA 8/30/2016 10:26 AM CDT
OSTP Invites Comments by 23 September on K-12 and Higher Education 8/26/2016 2:27 PM CDT
NASA MissionSTEM Summit 2016 8-9 AUG 9AM-4:30PM Eastern Time 8/4/2016 8:34 AM CDT
Request for Proposals (RFP) Helping Projects Utilize the U.S. Census Bureau Linkage Infrastructure 8/3/2016 8:29 AM CDT
Extended Job Announcement NASA HQ Science Manager Closes 9 August 2016 7/15/2016 10:24 AM CDT
NASA Advisory Committee Meeting Gets STEM Ad Hoc Task Force Briefing 7/26/2016 2:07 PM CDT
Government Accountability Office (GAO) releases new report on Federal Research Grants 7/25/2016 8:44 AM CDT
Job Opening: NASA Headquarters Office of Communications 7/21/2016 4:32 PM CDT
Office of Management and Budget White Papers for the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking 7/18/2016 1:20 PM CDT
National Academy of Science Convening of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking 7/15/2016 5:15 PM CDT
Closes 29 July NASA-HQ Seeks Education & Communications Specialist 7/13/2016 5:20 PM CDT
Registration Opens for October's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Week Conference 7/12/2016 2:27 PM CDT
2 Positions Open at NASA HQ 7/5/2016 12:29 PM CDT
NASA Education announces ~$10 million in grants 6/30/2016 4:40 PM CDT
Study Seeks Current or New Users 6/24/2016 2:40 PM CDT
NIH-funded Resource for Under-Represented/Served STEM Research/Interventions 6/21/2016 12:23 PM CDT
OSTP Dear Friend Letter: 100 Examples of Putting Science in Its Rightful Place 6/21/2016 11:08 AM CDT
NASA Advisory Council Ad Hoc Task Force on STEM 6/9/2016 1:48 PM CDT
NSF-funded Online Forum on Design Based Research (DBR); Informal STEM Learning: May 16- 20, 2016 5/11/2016 1:17 PM CDT
ED Review: U.S. Department of Education’s Funding and Other Activities Newsletter 5/2/2016 11:21 AM CDT
Federal Social Science Analyst and Management and Program Analyst Upcoming Job Opportunities 4/21/2016 1:34 PM CDT
MOS Boston Seeks Early childhood experts willing to review materials 4/21/2016 1:26 PM CDT
Temporary Job with NSF's Education Office 4/13/2016 3:01 PM CDT
Outreach/Communications Job in NSF Polar Programs (PLR) 4/13/2016 2:52 PM CDT
New Webex info for NASA Education Task Force Meeting Today 3/24/2016 9:34 AM CDT
March 24 2016 Meeting of Ad Hoc Task Force on STEM of the NASA Advisory Council 3/18/2016 8:48 AM CDT
Presidential Proclamation -- Women's History Month, 2016 3/4/2016 2:34 PM CST
Corp.4National & Community Service Research and Evaluation Office issues their first newsletter 2/23/2016 2:55 PM CST