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Bonnie Meinke
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Bonnie is Content Specialist on the Astrophysics Forum Team at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD.

She received her PhD in Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences from the University of Colorado, Boulder in spring 2012. Her scientific research includes accretion in planetary rings, studies of small bodies embedded in Saturn's F ring, and the structure of Enceladus' plume.

She has a decade of experience in E/PO, specifically with informal and higher ed audiences.  

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Primary Forum:Astrophysics
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Meinke, et al. (2012) Classification of F ring features observed in Cassini UVIS occultations. Icarus 218, 545-554.
Esposito, et al. (2012) A predator-prey model for moon-triggered clumping in Saturn's rings. Icarus 217, 103-114.
Hansen, et al. (2008) Water vapour jets inside the plume of gas leaving Enceladus. Nature 456, 477-479.
Esposito, et al. (2008) Moonlets and clumps in Saturn's F ring. Icarus 194, 278-289.