Daniel Oostra

Daniel Oostra
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Organization: Langley Research Center - Science Directorate
1 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 200
Hampton, Virginia 23666
Phone: (757) 951-1600
Fax: (757) 951-1900
Phone Number: 757.951.1620
Social Media:
Twitter: @danoostra

Daniel is a computer scientist working as a web developer and technical lead for the MY NASA DATA Project and also leads development on a number of data rich applications for the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites and the Earth Systems (CEOS). Additionally, he works with emerging web technologies and development, and in the past has produced a number of websites and applications for other NASA organizations like DISCOVER-AQ and NASA ESTEEM.

Current Work/Focus:

Search Engine Optimization -- If you're going to create a high quality website full of science results and data, then we should spend the same amount and put in the same effort into getting the content we provide on page one of Google, we owe it to the taxpayers to make our results discoverable without an esoteric keyword search. My vision would be that we dominate the keyword searches that relate to STEM and STEAM--leveraging the SEO we can--without spending a lot of money.

Neural Networks -- Can we use neural nets to create interesting science apps? Let's build an app that uses some neural networks and images to identify clouds!

MY NASA DATA redesign -- We're rebuilding MND from the ground up.  This time we're using a fully responsive design to serve our web pages to any screen size.  We're skipping right over the part where we continue to make static, fixed width sites.  The web is mobile... oh yeah, and accorrding to our research MND got a 3500% percent bump in mobile usage over the last five years.

Quadcopters, HABs, and web apps -- I believe we can connect students to NASA's big data warehouses through the use of ROVs, or remotely operated vehicles. Not just the type we fly on Mars, but small ones that can collect data right in our neighborhoods and cities. To this end, we've developed a website that can visualize data being delivered real-time, for a High Altitude Balloon initiative at Langley. This gave us the idea to also link ROVs to this website using similar methods so users can build their own HABs or remotes and collect data for themselves. The possibilities of activities in the classroom and out in the field are endless.


Dan, Summer, and Ben Oostra--at the Montreal Museum of Art.
Professional Information
Primary Forum:Earth Science
My SMD Projects:


Science Meetings and Conferences I Usually Attend Annually:
My Professional Societies:
  • ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
  • AGU - American Geophysical Union
  • NSTA - National Science Teachers Association
  • VAST - Virginia Science Teachers Association
  • SPE - Society of Photographic Educators
  • BSA - Boy Scouts of America
My Publications (journals, blogs, products):


  • Preston Lewis, Daniel Oostra, Tina Harte, Sarah Crecelius and Lin Chambers, My NASA DATA: Earth System Science Data for Formal and Informal Education, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2014
  • Daniel Oostra, Thomas Hunt, Lin Chambers, Preston Lewis, NASA and GLOBE Connect K–12 Students to NGSS with Big Data      Applications, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2014


  • Preston Lewis, Daniel Oostra, Sarah Crecelius, Tina Coleman, Lin Chambers, Tina Rogerson, Jay Madigan,Making Changes and Documenting Impacts for the MY NASA DATA and S’COOL Projects, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Jose, CA, July, 2013.


  • D. H. Oostra, P. M. Lewis, L. H. Chambers, NASA Data: From Space to a “Mobile” Earth, Astronomical Society of the Pacific “Communicating Science” Meeting, Tucson, AZ, Aug. 2012.
  • Lewis, P. M., D. H. Oostra, L. H. Chambers, Using MY NASA DATA to Visualize and Manipulate Data in your Classroom, Astronomical Society of the Pacific “Communicating Science” Meeting, Tucson, AZ, Aug. 2012.



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