Jeannie Allen

Jeannie Allen
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Organization:Earth Sciences, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
3017 Calle del Bosque NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104
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Now serving NASA audiences as 1) Diversity and Partnerships Coordinator for NASA Earth Citizen Science; and 2) Special Assistant to GSFC's Torry Johnson, Minority University Research and Education Program, making recommendations on how to improve American Indian and Alaska Native youth.

I have worked for 35 years in science and geography education for formal and informal institutions Includes 15 years with National Geographic Society's Educational Media Division and 14 years with GSFC now includes work with Tribal colleges and universities. Specialize in organizational collaborations; in NASA Earth citizen science, and in geospatial technology education and outreach to integrate NASA remote sensing with GIS, GPS and other technologies particularly for youth career awareness (Co-PI on "iGETT" project funded by NSF, 2007-2015). I have a Master’s degree in Biogeography. Living in New Mexico I have ready access to 19 Pueblos and several Tribal education institutions.

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Primary Forum:Earth Science
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NASA Earth Citizen Science:  Diversity and Partnerships Coordinator

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