Tassia Owen

Tassia Owen
Contact Information
Phone Number: 971-533-6543
Email Address:tassia.owen@nasa.gov

Tassia Owen is senior communications specialist on contract at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Owen has worked in education, outreach and communications in a number of capacities, as the content manager for a physics outreach website and as a classroom teacher and museum educator. Owen is a certified science and English teacher, having taught both middle and high school classes.  In addition, she is pursuing her masters in geoscience through Mississippi State University, hoping to focus her energy on science writing, combining her passion for writing with her interest in science. Owen is also a member of the Aura education and public outreach team and previously worked as part of the Landsat education and public outreach team. She is an occassional contributor to the Earth Observatory and Earth Observer, but mainly generates content for terra.nasa.gov.

Professional Information
Primary Forum:Earth Science
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