Lora Bleacher

Lora Bleacher
Contact Information
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 690
Building 34, Room S167
Greenbelt, MD 20771
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Professional Information
Primary Forum:Planetary Science
My SMD Projects:


Education and Public Outreach Lead, NASA Goddard Solar System Exploration Division

Education Lead, DREAM2, Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute

Informal Education Lead, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission

Coordinating Committee Member, International Observe the Moon Night

Education Team Member, RIS4E, Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute

Education Team Member, MAVEN mission         

Education Team Member, SAM instrument suite on the Curiosity rover



EPO Lead, DREAM, GSFC's NASA Lunar Science Institute Team

EPO Team Member, MESSENGER mission

Co-I, Next Generation Lunar Scientists and Engineers EPOESS

My Professional Societies:

American Association of Museums
American Geophysical Union