Charles Gatebe

Charles Gatebe
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Dr. Charles K. Gatebe is the Atmospheric Science Branch Chief at NASA Ames Research Center. He was previously an Associate Director with the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) based at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Climate and Radiation Laboratory and  the principal investigator of NASA’s airborne Cloud Absorption Radiometer (CAR). Dr. Gatebe has received many awards including the 2013 Robert H. Goddard Award for Outreach "for founding, implementing, and continuing to lead the spectacularly successful "Maniac" series of talks at NASA Goddard" and the World Meteorological Organization Young Scientist Award in 2000. He has also received other honors: in 2007 by NASA GSFC's Climate and Radiation Branch for his outstanding scientific leadership in conducting airborne measurements and NASA's Group Achievements awards in 2008 and 2009 for participating in the INTEX-B and ARCTAS field experiments, respectively.

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Primary Forum:Earth Science