Whitney Cobb

Whitney Cobb
Contact Information
4601 DTC Blvd.
Suite 500
Denver, CO 80237
Phone Number: 303-632-5572 (work) 303-875-7605 (cell)
Email Address:wcobb@mcrel.org

After over twenty years as a teacher and administrator in formal and informal programs, I joined McREL's Education and Public Outreach team in 2008. I am the lead for McREL's E/C work for NASA's Discovery and New Frontiers programs, the Dawn mission, and CosmoQuest, and was a team member on Stardust-NExT, EPOXI, and Planet SEPOF. My projects have included a variety of development grants for the National Science Foundation and US Department of Education Institute of Educational Studies (IES).


  • Professional development design and implementation
  • Project management
  • Curriculum design​
    • Multimedia approaches that improve access and thus, equity
    • STEM with cross-curricular elements
    • Integration of standards, research and evaluation
  • Delivery platforms for diverse formal and informal audiences
  • Writing
    • Social media and web content 
    • General
  • Visual content design and collaboration
Professional Information
Primary Forum:Planetary Science
My SMD Projects:

Dawn E/C, Discovery and New Frontiers Program E/C, CosmoQuest, NASA Wavelength, Planet SEPOF, SD-NExT E/PO, EPOXI E/PO

My Professional Societies:


My Publications (journals, blogs, products):

Art and the Cosmic Connection: Uncovering patterns using the elements of art. Cobb, W.H., Aiello, M., Macdonald, R., Asplund, S. Art and the Cosmic Connection: Patterns and the NGSS. (2014 TBD). Science and Children. NSTA Press.

A Year of Inquiry: A Collection for Elementary Educators. Cobb, W.H., Rountree-Brown, M., McFadden, L., Warner, E. NSTA Press. October 15, 2012, Chapter 22: Inquiry into the Heart of a Comet. [free as the example chapter]

Exo's Discovery. With Bloom Animation for NASA Discovery Program.

Edit and manage the Dawn Blog: http://dawnblog.jpl.nasa.gov/