Chris San Antonio-Tunis

Chris San Antonio-Tunis
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Organization:Research Manager, EiE
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Chris is the Manager of Research and Evaluation for EiE at the Museum of Science, Boston. In this role, Chris works collaboratively with EiE project leaders to align their project goals with effective evaluation strategies. He designs data collection instruments, supports data collection processes, and manages the analysis of evaluation data so that EiE can make evidence-based improvements to its offerings. Prior to joining EiE, Chris worked as a high school transition counselor and outdoor adventure trip leader. He holds an M.Ed in Education Research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Professional Information
My SMD Projects:

Planetary Learning that Advances the Nexus of Engineering Technology and Science (PLANETS).

My Publications (journals, blogs, products):

San Antonio-Tunis, C. N., Clark, Joelle., Cunningham, C. M., Lachapelle, C. P. (2019, June). Engineering Interest and Attitude Development In Out-of-School Time. Paper presented at the American Society for Engineering Education Conference & Exposition, Tampa, FL.

San Antonio-Tunis, C. N., Berliner, O., Cunningham, C. M. (2019). Streamlining Differentiation and Integration: Exploring a New Educator Resource. The Elementary STEM Journal, 23(3)

Lachapelle, C. P., Gentry, C. A., Hertel, J. D., San Antonio-Tunis, C., & Cunningham, C. M. (2014, June). Elementary students becoming engineers through practice. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Boulder, CO.

Lachapelle, C. P., Hertel, J. D., Shams, M. F., San Antonio, C., & Cunningham, C. M. (2014, June). The attitudes of elementary teachers towards elementary engineering. Paper presented at the American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, IN.