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Theresa Schwerin
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Theresa Schwerin is Vice President, Education, at IGES. In 1994, she was a founding officer of this non-profit education institute. Her expertise is in the areas of science applications and education, communication, and information science. She has led a wide range of new efforts for organizations including NASA, NSF, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United Nations, and the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan, now (JAXA) -- from developing outreach and applications programs to planning and implementing international and national education programs, products, workshops, conducting NASA education product reviews, and conferences. Theresa leads the NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Forum. She also develops and manages IGES contests for elementary and secondary students and teachers, including a science and art contest for elementary school children ( The 2010 contest is "My Place in Space!" Previous contest themes have included "Habitat, Imagine That!" "Climate Zones and Animal Communities" "Polar Explorations: Going to Extremes!" "Exploring the Ocean from Top to Bottom!" She also developed the 2009-2010 Top Stars: Inspiring Uses of Hubble contest for formal and informal educators (, and the Thacher Environmental Research Contest for high school students ( A former librarian in a previous life, she also has experience in running public library children’s programs.

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