Martin Storksdieck

Martin Storksdieck
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Organization:Oregon State University
254 Gilbert Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone Number: 541-737-8666

I am the director of Oregon State University’s Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning and a professor in the College of Education and the School of Public Policy.  The Center works to improve understanding of how all people learn STEM throughout the lifespan, in formal and informal settings. Prior to joining OSU, I directed the Board on Science Education at the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.  There I oversaw studies that addressed a wide range of issues related to science education and science learning in formal and informal environments, and provided evidence-based advice to decision-makers in policy, academia and educational practice. My own research focuses on what and how we learn when we do so voluntarily. This includes connections between school-based and out-of-school learning. My research also focuses on the role of science-based professionals and science hobbyists in communicating their passions to a broader public. I have previously worked for education research and environmental policy non-profits in Germany and the United States, and served as environmental science educator and producer at a planetarium.  I hold Master’s degrees in biology and policy, and a Ph.D. in education.

Martin at the WGBH Media and STEM Summit
Martin at the WGBH Media and STEM Summit
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