Edna DeVore

Edna DeVore
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Institution:SETI Institute
Phone Number: 650-961-6633
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DeVore is an astronomy educator. She is the  Director of Education & Public Outreach (EPO) at SETI Institute. Currently, she is the PI for "Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts." Previously, she led EPO programs for NASA’s SOFIA and Kepler Missions, and programs on SETI and Astrobiology . Service: NASA Advisory Council Astrophysics Subcommittee member; AbSciCon 2008, Chair of LOC; Board of Directors for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and, prior member of Education Board for the Foundation for Microbiology, Astronomy Education Board of the American Astronomical Society, and advisory boards for NASA and NSF EPO projects. Other: NSF Co-I for  NSF Astrobiology Research for Undergraduates and for “Voyages Through Time” published, 2003. She taught astronomy and directed planetarium programming for grades K-14 at Sierra College, East Side Union High School District, and Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. BA Raymond College, University of the Pacific; teaching credentials & MA in Instructional Technology, San Jose State University.; MS, Astronomy, University of Arizona.

Professional Information
Primary Forum:Astrophysics
My SMD Projects:

NASA Kepler Mission
NASA Astrobiology Institute projects

My Professional Societies:

American Astronomical Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Physics Teachers
National Science Teachers Association
California Science Teachers Association
Girl Scouts
National Earth Science Teachers Association
International Planetarium Society
Pacific Planetarium Association