Kevin Czajkowski

Kevin Czajkowski
Contact Information
Organization:GLOBE Mission EARTH University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St., MS 140
Department of Geography and Planning
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone Number: 419-530-4274
Social Media:
Twitter: @globemissionear

Kevin Czajkowski is a Professor at the University of Toledo and director of the PhD Program in Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (SISS) with diverse research interests including use of geospatial technologies (GIS and remote sensing) to study environmental problems. He teaches courses in remote sensing and Physical Geography including climate change. He engages K-12 teachers and students through the GLOBE Mission EARTH Program which utilizes hands-on science through GLOBE, a worldwide hands-on, to have primary and secondary school students do real science.

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GLOBE Mission Earth

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American Association of Geographers

American Geophysical Union