Robert (Bob) Baer

Robert (Bob) Baer
Contact Information
Organization:Physics Department
1245 Lincoln Drive
Neckers Building Rm 483A
Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone Number: 618-453-2729

Bob Baer works as an academic professional staff member in the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Physics Department where he provides instructional and research support as well as coordinating a substantial community outreach effort.  He is the coordinator of the Physics department’s public astronomy observation program and coordinates several general physics outreach events.  He is also an active member in a local community astronomy club, the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois.  Bob works with a base of volunteers from the campus and community to carry out the events. They do hands on activities that let students and the public participate and experience science for themselves in a way that is engaging and inspiring.  Bob has been actively involved in planning for the 2017 - 2024 total solar eclipse activities on the SIU campus as the co-chair of the eclipse steering committee and participates in broader planning with other groups.  He is a Co-Invistigator of the Citizen CATE Experiment and the Illinois volunteer coordinator. 

Bob appeared in several news articles, vidoes, and documentaries related to the Citizen CATE Experiment and Eclipse 2017. A short list is below: 

Videos / Documentaries 

The Eclipse Effect, The New Yorker Magazine

NASA EDGE: Solar Eclipse 2017 Preview Show

NASA EDGE Megacast: Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse Across America, Curiosity Stream

Countdown to the Eclipse, Lindsay Adams

You'll need to know this if you're going to Carbondale for the Eclipse, Belleville News-Democrat

2:38: A Glimpse into the Eclipse (SIU Students Malea Bailey and Marcia Kuhlman Eclipse Documentary)

Official SIU Eclipse Documentary, SIU MCMA (in production)


Professional Information
My SMD Projects:

Citizen CATE Experiment.