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Professional Development Overview

The Science Education and Public Outreach Forums (SEPOFs) provide resources and opportunities to enable sharing of best practices relevant to SMD E/PO.  Below is a listing of several opportunities that have been made available for SMD E/PO community members to participate in discussion and professional learning with one another.  Several of the opportunities were event based and when possible videos of the sessions were archived.  Other opportunities were asynchronous or activities that could be completed when time allowed.

The posts related to these sessions can be searched through the workspace feed  by selecting Audience: SMD E/PO Community and Resource Program Type: Professional Development.  You may wish to further filter your search by using a keyword based on the topics listed below.

  • Professional Development: Diversity: In this Topic, you will find information on upcoming PD events, connections to partners, PD literature and resources, and discussion threads.  To help you navigate these resources, this Topic is organized by audience.
  • Professional Development: Gifted Students: The objective of this topic is to work towards serving gifted students, an underserved group, by identifying existing NASA resources and making them broadly available to gifted educators.
  • Professional Development: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): This topic includes webinars discussing the Next Generation Science Standards, how to integrate them into your products and programs, and implications for your audiences.

***Some past professional development topics have been archived. Posts associated with those archived professional development topics are still searchable under the Professional Development Overview topic.***

Greetings Colleauges,

NASA SMD would like to get a complete reporting of FY14 education projects in OEPM by June 19th.

The forums have held help sessions in the past three weeks. Here is a recording of the most recent session:

The information in the documentation from FY13 is still very helpful and can be found at

Finally, the NASA Office of Education has produced the...