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The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Education and Communications portfolio includes products, events, and programs aligned with priority areas identified by the federal Committee on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (CoSTEM). This portfolio of activities engages audiences in the story, the science, and the adventure of NASA's scientific explorations of our home planet, the solar system, and the universe beyond.

This Projects Tab contains links to individual project descriptions, including overviews, audiences served, reports, evaluation information, contact information, websites, and other features, organized by CoSTEM goals. The list of projects can be narrowed using the filters on the left sidebar. Click on a project’s name to view details. View activities that have been completed.

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Youth and Public Engagement
Undergraduate Student Experiences
Working with Diverse Audiences
Cassini: Products for informal: Cassini-Huygens Analysis and Results of the Mission (CHARM) for Informal Educators

CHARM-Cassini Huygens Analysis and Results of the Mission – monthly telecons with talks, PowerPoint or video supports NASA Nationwide: A Consortium of Formal and Informal Education Networks will be hosted on NASA Nationwide website archive

Training telecons and materials for networks including Solar System Ambassadors, museum alliance, Night Sky Network, Space Place etc.

MOU American Camp Association

A memorandum of understanding between NASA and the American Camp Association went into effect November 30, 2012. It is the intent of NASA to provide printed and Internet-accessible material and information to be disseminated to youth utilizing the ACA capabilities. Through this partnership, NASA will:

  • broaden the STEM-related educational resources that are available to the camp community,
  • promote ACA and ACA-resources to broader audiences,
  • enhance professional development opportunities for camp professionals.

This cross-forum effort is being led by the Planetary Science Forum.

NLSI - Lunar Traveling Exhibits and Online Gallery (LPI/JSC-ARES)

The LPI/JSC NLSI team is creating a series of library exhibits to share NLSI and NASA lunar science and exploration with the general public through a nation-wide network of librarians, as well as SMD and NASA networks.

Rosetta Poster for AGU
Poster presentation at AGU to discuss the U.S. Rosetta Native Initiative
Solar System Treks

Solar System Treks Project (SSTP) provides: 1. planetary data products that are georeferenced, 2. data services (web APIs) for data access, 3. tools (a set of web-based portals, mobile applications, VR goggles and touch table implementations) that support measurement and study of planetary terrain and facilitate 3D printing of surface terrain, 4. infrastructure/platform that support visualization, exploration and research of landscapes for planetary bodies and Earth.