NAI: Astrobiology at Music Festivals (WISC)

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NAI: Astrobiology at Music Festivals (WISC)
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NASA Astrobiology Institute
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Bldg. 247, Rm. 207 P.O. Box 1 Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001
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This project exposes the public in non-traditional settings to astrobiology research and information.  It's purpose is to raise awareness about astrobiology with members of the general public who wouldn't normally seek out science content.  An "Astrobiology in Your Backyard" booth was set up a three different music festivals in the Madison, Wisconsin area in Summer, 2011 in which tardigrades, micro-meteorites, lichens, and stromatolite fossils served as launching-off points to engage the public in learning about astrobiology research.

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