Van Allen Probes Educators

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Van Allen Probes Educators
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Van Allen Probes
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The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 11100 Johns Hopkins Rd, MS: 200-E181, Laurel, MD 20723
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The Van Allen Probes education and public outreach (E/PO) programs provide training for formal and informal educators. Middle and high school teachers and informal educators receive content understanding and experience with hands-on activities and interact with scientists through face-to-face workshop opportunities. A unique aspect of the workshop was participation by mission scientists and instrument leads who designed and presented classroom activities.The objective of the Van Allen Probes E/PO effort is to prepare teachers to engage and educate students in STEM content and Van Allen Probes heliophysics-related science as well as engineering and technology.  This effort also has a lesson plan/curriculum component.  Ongoing communication and support from the Van Allen Probes E/PO office was provided to educators following the workshop.

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Name: Across Space and Time
Status: Passed SMD Product Review
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Many teachers who attended this Van Allen Probes educator workshop are actively participating in the Heliophysics Community of Practice educator program.
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  • Improve STEM Instruction
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No, this is part of the overall Van Allen Probes E/PO effort which is ongoing. The evaluation report will be published at the conclusion of the overall project.