IRIS Spectroscopy Educator Workshops

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IRIS Spectroscopy Educator Workshops
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The IRIS E/PO team will conduct a series of workshops instructing middle and high school teachers how to incorporate spectroscopy into their classes.

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Goal: To provide educator professional development, materials, and support resources to the teaching of the science of spectroscopy. Objective: IRIS and SDO partner to provide in-person professional development workshops to at least100 educators per year (even though materials provided with the distribution are also designed specifically for teacher self-training).
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Assessment of the educator workshops shows that at least 90% of the participants find the workshops valuable or extremely valuable and will use the materials in their classrooms. Assessment also shows that 85%-90% of the participants will share their materials with other teachers. At the most recent workshop, the 35 participants expected to share their materials and information with more than 50 additional teachers.