IRIS Spectroscopy Curricula and Web Resources

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IRIS Spectroscopy Curricula and Web Resources
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The IRIS EPO team will develop a collection of web-based and physical resources that support and complement the teaching of spectroscopy in classrooms.  This includes distribution of punch-out spectrographs, videos, PowerPoints, and activities. 

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Goal: To provide educator professional development, materials, and support resources to the teaching of the science of spectroscopy. Objectives: 1) In partnership with NASA’s SDO/HMI EPO team, enhance and distribute the very successful punch-out spectrographs and educational materials kits that were originally developed as part of the NASA/ESA SOHO mission. Support materials for educators are already provided with the spectroscope kits. These include class curricula for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 respectively; two descriptive videos; solar spectroscopy content presentations; and lab exercises. Our target is to distribute 15,000 spectrographs & materials per year.2) All activities are mapped to the National Science Education Standards and will be remapped to the new science standards.
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Extensive evaluation and upgrading over 10 years has produced a product proven useful and popular. These spectroscopes and materials passed NASA product review with “Outstanding” ratings. They are extremely popular and advertised only through the Solar Center website. We continue to meet our objective of distributing 15,000 per year. To date approximately 150,000 spectrographs have been distributed.