IRIS Challenger Learning Center Module

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IRIS Challenger Learning Center Module
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IRIS scientists at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory are developing a Challenger Learning Center (CLC) module parallel to the materials they created for a similar SDO program. The target audience is students in grades 5-8 who visit the Challenger Centers.

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Goal: Provide young people with authentic mission-related experiences --a proven method of engaging and retaining them in science while enabling them with valuable skills and experiences. Objectives: 1) Develop modules to highlight the use of spectroscopy in the study of space weather, including information related to the Sun’s structure, nature of light, and invisible radiation (IR and UV). 2) Develop a very inexpensive UV-pass filter using vegetable food coloring to demonstrate how filtering works. 3) Assure all information is downloadable in PDF format from the IRIS website.
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This program is currently under development. Assessment will be done by a team from the McAuliffe Challenger Learning Center. Metrics will be forthcoming after the program is implemented.