Stardust-NExT: Comet Interactive

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Stardust-NExT: Comet Interactive
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Stardust NExT Mission Education and Public Outreach
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Aimee Meyer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mail Stop
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
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Collaboration with Dawn, EPOXI, and Rosetta.
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Comet Interactive was designed to introduce all levels of user to comets. Information includes overview of comets in a 3:41 second video documentary provided to the mission by; Comet Life Cycle section where user can view the changes which occur as a comet as it travels on its orbit; Comet Anatomy section which demonstrates the various components of a comet; and a Comet Specifications section highlighting Comets Borrelly, Wild 2, Tempel 1, 67P, and Hartley. This section shows detailed fact about the comets including known composition, orbit, characteristic, and NASA's mission (both past and present) that have gathered scientific data.

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  • Increase and Sustain Youth and Public Engagement in STEM