New Horizons: Maryland Science Center

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New Horizons: Maryland Science Center
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New Horizons E/PO
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The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road (Mail Stop: 4-155)
Laurel, Maryland 20723
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The Maryland Science Center’s SpaceLink is a New Horizons E/PO partner that falls into both formal and informal outreach arenas. New Horizons scientists and engineers regularly support SpaceLink’s flexible programming, seminars for educators, a menu of classroom programs on request, distance learning teacher presentations, and special live events to highlight mission milestones and space-related anniversaries. This allows the guest scientists and engineers to interact directly with the public. These events will also compliment the New Horizons’ mission and instrument exhibits that are permanently housed at the Maryland Science Center. At the Maryland Science Center, exhibits include a model of the New Horizons spacecraft, a mission banner, brochures and a computer station with mission information; live programs include “science celebrations” during mission milestones; educator workshops for local pre-service teachers; and annual mission updates for educators. The funds are for exhibit on NH, special event days such as Pluto Day and Space Day featuring NH, as well as accompanying teacher workshops as well as the development of Science on a Sphere short videos.

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