NASA Family Science Night

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NASA Family Science Night
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NASA Goddard Astrophysics Science Division
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NASA Goddard Heliophysics Science Division
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Family Science Night (FSN) is a curriculum in which middle- school-aged children and their families explore the importance of STEM in our daily lives by engaging in activities that make these concepts more practical and approachable. It covers a broad range of topics, from basic scientific processes to specific concepts such as the electromagnetic spectrum, the life cycles of stars, the reasons for Earth’s seasons, exploration of the Moon, and the ways in which we detect and study extrasolar planets.

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Families participate in an activity to measure the Earth-Sun distance over the course of a year.
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2008 Robert H. Goddard Team Award for Outreach
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National Priorities and Coordination Approaches as Articulated in CoSTEM:
  • Increase and Sustain Youth and Public Engagement in STEM
  • Contribute to the conversation about building new models for leveraging SMD assets and expertise and achieving the most significant impact of STEM education investments.
  • Build and use evidence-based approaches