NASA Nationwide (NNW)

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NASA Nationwide (NNW)
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NASA Nationwide (NNW)
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4800 Oak Grove Drive, MS 111-B29
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NASA Nationwide (NNW) is the title given to this project that provides mission-created, professional development products and training for SSA and SSEP volunteers, along with 11 other NASA education and public outreach networks, AESP and the NASA and JPL Speakers Bureau members.  These materials and information may be used by NNW volunteers in their events, workshops and speaking engagements.  Coordinated by the SSA/SSEP project manager, the trainings feature both informal and formal education products and information.  Trainings are accomplished by telecon, with downloadable materials.  These materials, along with the telecon recording, edited transcript and supporting resources are archived on the NNW website for retention and use by the more than 25,000 volunteers and employees who are part of the NNW Consortium's member and affiliate groups.

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  • Increase and Sustain Youth and Public Engagement in STEM
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The objective of NASA Nationwide is to provide a cohesive and consistent mechanism for broadcasting to, engaging, and training all of the networks together on topics of common interest.