MESSENGER: Training Workshops for MESSENGER Educator Fellows

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MESSENGER: Training Workshops for MESSENGER Educator Fellows
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1530 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
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This project is a multi-day workshop for approximately 30 MESSENGER Educator Fellows held every 2 years. The purpose is to: ensure that the Fellows have up-to-date training on the MESSENGER education modules (MEMS); provide a venue for the Fellows to train each other as appropriate; and provide a venue for Fellows to share recipes for success. Trained MESSENGER Fellows commit to conducting workshops for at least 100 educators per year in their communities, and at local, regional, and national conferences.

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  • Improve STEM Instruction
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Recruit and train educators from across the nation to conduct workshops for other educators using MESSENGER created materials.
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Recruitment: There have been 4 Cohorts of Fellows over the period 2003-2012. Each recruitment attracted over 50 applicants. Thirty Fellows were selected for each cohort following extensive review of applications by the E/PO team. Each Fellow initially committed to a 2 year period of service.

Number of Fellows: Each cohort has had approximately 30 Fellows. Some Fellows elect to remain with the program for more than one 2-year period. There have been over 90 Fellows trained over the 10 years of the program.