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Video Highlights from the Planetary Science Vision 2050 workshop

Posted on November 17, 2017 - 1:21 PM CST

Tags: General Public | SMD E/PO Community | NASA Product | Planetary Science

NASA chartered a group of planetary scientists and technologists to run a community workshop and prepare a report that represents the planetary science communities’ perceptions of where planetary sciences will be by the year 2050, with science goals and technology requirements mapped out over the coming 3 decades. The workshop was a great success, with creative and innovative input from both in-house and virtual participants. The full report is still in work. 

Based on presentations from the Planetary Science Vision 2050 workshop earlier this year, NASA 360 developed a series of compelling short video clips to highlight some of the most interesting ideas to come out of the meeting. These video clips can be accessed from the Planetary Science Vision 2050 website: