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Fiske Planetarium September Report

Posted on September 27, 2017 - 11:13 AM CDT

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This is a busy time for the Fiske Video Production Team.

2017 eclipse:  We secured awesome video from a balloon at 104,000 ft. during the August eclipse. It became a training mission for Univ. of Colorado Aerospace Engineering students to do this mission, so we cooperated with our own university rather than elsewhere in NASA in this instance.  Attached is a still photo showing the whole moon shadow over the Grand Tetons. The video is being edited.

We're getting 360 degree, high resolution glacier and ice footage in Situ in Greenland. A project called "Arctic Arts" (pretty awesome, check it out at offered to take our lead videographer with them in early September.  We can use this with the GRACE video that explains how NASA satellites monitor water and ice, and in other future programs.

Videos in Production: 

  1. GRACE mission: a story of water and ice.   In editing.
  2. CUBESAT: Having "your own" Satellite:  Mostly filmed
  3. Origin of LIfe Research:  Based on the summer conference in San Diego, with strong input from NASA Ames and JPL
  4. Kepler:  Exoplanets
  5. Kepler: Asteroseismology.  The vibrations of stars found in Kepler data are revolutionizing the analysis of stars. Using the latest results from "Ages of Stars^2" conference September 2017.