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Exploratorium Total Solar Eclipse App for iOS and Android

Posted on June 7, 2017 - 6:58 PM CDT

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Total Solar Eclipse App

For Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Explore Total Solar Eclipse, our first mobile app that incorporates live webcasting. This free app gives you access to our live video streams of the total solar eclipse occurring on August 21, 2017, which will cross from the west to east coasts of the United States.   Tune in to five simultaneous video streams, all from your smart phone or tablet: 1) Live coverage hosted by Exploratorium educators and NASA scientists, 2) live coverage in Spanish hosted by Exploratorium educators, 3) a non-narrated, 3-hour live telescope view of the full eclipse as seen from Oregon, 4) a non-narrated, 3-hour live telescope view of the full eclipse as seen from Wyoming, and 5) a live telescope view with live musical sonification and accompaniment by the Kronos Quartet.

Watching an eclipse with a group can enhance the experience as you observe shared reactions, questions, and comments. To help you connect to other observers, we’ve created a live Twitter view, where you can follow the conversation and tweet as you watch the eclipse live on the app. #eclipse2017, #solareclipse, #totalsolareclipse, 

Don’t have an AndroidTM  or iOS device? Not to worry. Our website is mobile-friendly. You can watch the live eclipse video using any web browser app on your phone or tablet.

When to Watch

The app displays viewing times for each live stream adjusted to your device’s time zone.  Live stream start times in PDT / EDT / UTC are:

Live Coverage of the Eclipse / Cobertura en vivo en español

PDT: August 21, 10:00 AM

EDT: August 21, 1:00 PM

UTC: August 21, 17:00

Telescope Sonification with Kronos Quartet

PDT: August 21, 10:30 AM

EDT: August 21, 1:30 PM

UTC: August 21, 17:30

Telescope View from Oregon

PDT: August 21, 9:00 AM

EDT: August 21, 12:00 PM

UTC: August 21, 16:00

Telescope View from Wyoming

PDT: August 21, 9:15 AM

EDT: August 21, 12:15 PM

UTC: August 21, 16:15



- The app allows users to view the Exploratorium's live stream of the total eclipse from wherever they are. Note: we recommend that users watch videos on the app while connected to WiFi to prevent data overage charges from mobile carriers.

- The app offers an interactive map that can be viewed full-screen which includes eclipse path data from NASA and displays the user's location in relation to the total and partial eclipse coverage areas.

- App users can watch and share videos from past Exploratorium eclipse expeditions including the 2016 solar eclipse from Micronesia and videos that explain what an eclipse is and how to view an eclipse safely.

- The sonification stream of the eclipse with interpretive performance by Kronos Quartet offers a unique way to "see" an eclipse through sound.  The audio incorporates the live composition by Exploratorium composer Wayne Grim with the unique musical voices of the Kronos Quartet.

- The app automatically adjusts the display of live stream start times to the user's device locale, timezone, and daylight savings time observance. 

- App users can take advantage of screen sharing options on their device to share the app's live video to smart TVs and to set-top boxes like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and other connected devices, allowing them to create eclipse viewing events/gatherings/parties with group viewing of dramatic live eclipse images on large screens.  Screen sharing from a mobile or tablet device makes it easy for teachers to include the live stream in their classroom.

For more information on the app, please visit:

To view a 1 minute video about the app, please watch here: