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Online Eclipse Training for Educators

Posted on May 10, 2017 - 7:14 AM CDT

Tags: Informal | Educator | Course / Class | Professional Development | K-12 Working Group | Heliophysics

I will be offering this summer several sessions of online eclipse traning for teachers.  They will get a certificate for continuing education hours. There will be two sessions: one on general eclipse information and another on safe observing techniques.  There will be an assignment:  to either travel to totality to observe, or to host a "partial party" at another location (e.g. their school).   This I hope will enable teachers to get out of less interesting professional development activities that day.   The sessions will be live via Zoom, and all will receive a certificate of completion.  No charge unless they want CEUs (in which case it is $150).  

Interested teachers should please fill out this survey, and leave their email address at the end if they want additional information:

This is my eclipse email server, where I am sharing information to teachers, informal educators, and the public.  All are invited to sign up:

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Clear skies!

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