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STEP Workshops for Houston Region Districts

Posted on January 11, 2017 - 4:22 PM CST

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The Sustainable Trainer Engagement Program (STEP) provides 6-8 grade science specialists with long-term in-depth professional development as participants learn to present workshops. In 2015, STEP participants conducted 23 workshops in the Houston region, including the school districts of Aldine, Pasadena, Cypress-Fairbanks, Santa Fe, Katy, Fort Bend, and the Harris County Department of Education.

These districts have large numbers of underserved and economically disadvantaged students:

District                                  Demographics                                                                    Economically Disadvantaged

Aldine                                    71% Hispanic                                                                       85%

Pasadena                             82% Hispanic                                                                       79%

Cypress-Fairbanks              44% Hispanic, 17% African Am.                                      49%

Katy                                        34% Hispanic, 10% African Am.                                      29%

Fort Bend                              26% Hispanic, 29% African Am.                                      36%

Harris County                       42% Hispanic, 20% African Am.                                     

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STEP is led by the Lunar and Planetary Institute,  funded through the NASA SMD EPOESS grant, number NNX12AC74G.