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Voices of Humanity

Posted on August 31, 2016 - 4:27 PM CDT

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Here is a fascinating project: Voices of Humanity (VoH) - giving a voice to all of humanity in space exploration. Professor Philip Lubin at UC Santa Barbara and some of his students are working on a public engagement and educational outreach program by placing the essence of  humanity, in the form of documents, poetry, pictures, movies, music, tweets,  digital DNA and other data, into every spacecraft and eventually to the stars. Their group was funded by NASA NIAC program with a Phase I DEEP-IN 2015, and now a Phase II DEIS 2016-2018  program, to explore the development of humanity's first interstellar missions that will use directed energy to propel spacecraft at relativistic speeds, thus allowing missions to the nearest stars in a human lifetime. This program does not have an educational element funded so they decided to crowd fund the EPO component. Their goal is to place messages from the entire human race on these spacecraft as emissaries of Earth, much like the Golden record on Voyager, but now allowing literally everyone on Earth  to be included. In 2017 they are planning to launch prototype 'wafer sats' into low Earth orbit, with human data encoded. The VoH data is placed onto a "Humanity Chip" with a mass less than 1 gram which will allow a message from every person on the planet. Since the mass is so low their goal is to make these chips available to all missions so that eventually every spacecraft that leaves the Earth will have "Humanity on Board".  This program is dynamic and as the technology increases they plan to increase the capacity of these "Humanity Chips" each year so that within 10 years movies, DNA etc  from every person can be included. Already the capacity is such that the entire library of congress could be launched. Soon every song ever recorded and eventually every movie ever made could be included. In this sense humanity can be "backed up" to the universe.

Their crowd funded program is below:


After the Kickstarter is over the VoH program will continue here: