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Diversity Resources for Working with Rural Audiences

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Diversity PDWelcome to the Cross-Forum Diversity Programs & Resources

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Literature and Resources

Why Rural Matters: the Condition of Rural Education in the 50 States
A report of the Rural Schools and Community Trust Program.

The Rural Educator (practitioner resource)
The Rural Educator is NREA's journal for teachers. It provides great examples of what is being done on a classroom basis as well as some overview articles of interest to teachers.One article that is very useful for us is found in The Rural Educator, 33(3):9-22  - Teachers' perceptions of rural STEM teaching: Implications for rural teacher retention (Goodpaster et al.).  The article is based on a small (n=6) survey of rural educators, but stands muster for a qualitative view into some of the issues teachers face.

No Child Left Behind Policy Brief
As long as NCLB is something to refer to when developing outreach projects, this is an older resource that addresses rural students specifically.

Journal of Research in Rural Education
This is the academic peer reviewed research journal specifically addressing issues of rural education (national and international).

Regional Education Laboratory Southwest
Information about the Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance, which brings together rural educators, local and state administrators, policymakers, researchers, and others with the shared goal of investigating these factors and using the findings to strengthen rural school performance.

The NSES Condition of Education Report
National Center for Education Statistics information on the Status of Rural Education 2013.



The Rural School and Community Trust
The Rural School and Community Trust website has a comprehensive list of resources for teachers.  It also has a resource link that provides access to information about rural education - mostly federal initiatives, but there are other resources as well.

National Rural Educational Association
The National Rural Educator Association has many features of the Rural School and Community trust website.

National Association of State Boards of Education
Information about the NASBE study group to investigate rural education.


Professional Organizations

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
The Association for Rural & Small Libraries, Inc. is a network of persons throughout the country dedicated to the positive growth and development of libraries.  ARSL believes in the value of rural and small libraries and strives to create resources and services that address national, state, and local priorities for libraries situated in rural communities. 


NASA SMD EPO Professional Development Recordings

Working with Diverse Audiences (Focus on Rural & Hispanic/Latino Audiences)
On Sunday, March 16, 2014, the SMD E/PO Forums hosted a professional development workshop on engaging diverse audiences titled "Working with Diverse Audiences." This session featured suggestions and lessons learned for addressing needs of diverse audiences, with a focus on rural and Hispanic/Latino audiences. NASA E/PO community and external experts shared their stories and suggestions from the field.  Click on the link above to access the recordings from this workshop.

SMD Projects Serving Rural Audiences

NAI: Lassen National Park Astrobiology Internship Program (ARC)

Juno: Education and Public Outreach through the Explore! Library Program

MAVEN: Space Science Teachers Summit

THEMIS: GEONS (Geomagnetic Event Observation Network by Students)

Space Place: Web Site, Museum Displays, and Columns


Contact Info

Rusty Low
Phone Number: 720-839-2351


If you prefer, everything here is also listed in the SMD Education Diversity Programs and Resources homepage if you want to use the filter features of the workspace or find information about other diverse audiences and issues.