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NASA 3D Resources

Posted on March 23, 2015 - 4:16 PM CDT

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In February 2015, Steve Glendenning (  presented at the Planetary EPO Community's monthly community call to share out information regarding the NASA 3D Resources portal:

  • This is a one-stop-shop for NASA content; people can add to and take from the gallery for content.
  • The project started with 3D Models (lighwave, Maya, etc) for game and animation developers, but given the 3D printing arena that is building models layer by layer, there is new interest from a wider audience.
  • The Model gallery: a lot of content, missions, game developers, vehicles, satellites.  Additional planetary data would be welcome in the gallery!
  • They’ve received comments and links to work from educators, museums, and space enthusiasts; the materials are open and available to all!