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Partnering with National Park Service

Updated on March 12, 2015 - 5:13 PM CDT
Posted on September 4, 2014 - 1:47 PM CDT

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Lynne Murdock (  joined us during the June 2014 Planetary Science E/PO Community tag-up. Lynne is a field ranger who works with the Natural Resource Division and the Night Sky program; she’s worked with amateur astronomers at a variety of national parks, sharing information on light pollution and light planning. Lynne also works with the Smithsonian,and with Anita Davis—Earth to Sky.

NPS has some resources that the E/PO community may wish to use, such as the Night Sky booklet (attached).  She can send it to members of our community.

  • In addition to light pollution, NPS has developed materials on climate change, including impacts, mitigation, communication; see
    • They may be able to link with some of the NASA climate change websites; contact Lynne for more information.
  • Other possible collaborations:
    • To get started working with a specific park, please contact that park.
    • To work with NPS service-wide, please contact Lynne
    • For talks to volunteers (such as the Solar System Ambassadors), please contact Lynne, who does trainings for NPS volunteers, both in-person and virtually.

Below are some additional resources.

Geologic Resources staff has reorganized, revamped, revitalized, and refreshed our main geology education webpage. Please take a look and share with your audience:

Here are 2 activities recently posted today for cave science that will be featured on a New "Caves of the National Parks" classroom poster in this year's Earth Science Week Toolkit:

National Fossil Day celebration - October 15, 2014.

 NPS Climate Change Response Program. and attached is a climate change scenario planning handbook: a great resource, very comprehensive