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NASA Wavelength Presentation Resources

Updated on February 25, 2016 - 10:12 AM CST
Posted on April 10, 2014 - 2:39 PM CDT

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We're looking for "ambassadors" to help spread the word about!

Attached are:

  • Short 5 minute presentation: if you only have a few minutes, use the short PPT, which includes 2 slides + presenter's notes
  • Suggested tour of NASA - Includes two documents 1) Word document that walks through giving a demo of NASA Wavelength (Playlist for Wavelength Tour.docx) and 2) a PPT presentation (Tour of NASA WavelengthApril18.pptx) with screenshots and speaker's notes that you can use either as a back-up (in case not a live Internet connection) or if you prefer working with screenshots (file is named )
  • List-building and Blog - 7 PPTs that walk through 2 of our newest features in Wavelength - creating custom collections and our blog.  The blog was launched March 15, 2014 and provides a place for educators to learn more about how to use specific products (or kinds of products in Wavelength), and why products are particularly useful; feature in-depth content around special events and resources for educators; also provides an additional forum where educators can be heard (create a profile and login to leave comments on  the blog).
  • Final high-resolution, print-quality PDF of the Wavelength brochure from Nov 2014.

We're working on additional presentation resources that will be posted here soon. Let us know if you use any of these, whether you find them useful and if there are other resources you would like to have to help spread the word about Wavelength.

We also have a "business card" that you can hand out at your events (see image below - it's 2" x 3.5").  If you'd like to have these for your events, please email

Also attached are files for a Wavelength brochure we developed for the NSTA 2013 conference.  There are two files - one for the tri-fold layout, and a 2nd "printer-friendly" version that prints on 6 pages.

NASA Wavelength Business Card