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Literature and Resources: Women and Girls

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Diversity PDWelcome to the Cross-Forum Diversity Professional Development

Literature and Resources Page for Women and Girls.

Diversity PD > Women and Girls homepage > Literature and Resources



STATUS article from CSWA profiling SMD E/PO Programs for Girls:


National Girls Collaborative Project: many articles, research, and webinars listed off of the main page:





Professional Organizations:



Workspace Resources:



SMD projects serving Women and Girls:

Big Explosions and Strong Gravity

Dawn: GSTEM: Girls in STEM Education

Five Stars Pathway:  multiple projects

Girl Scouts Earth Science Patch

GRAIL: Earth & Space Science – Informal Education Opportunities

MAVEN: Girls go to Mars! Kits : multiple other MAVEN-related opportunities engage girls as well

Solar Week

Van Allen Probes: Girl Power STEM Expo





If you prefer, everything here is also listed in the Cross-Forum Diversity Professional Development Topic if you want to use the filter features of the revised workspace or find information about other diverse audiences and issues. 


  • Lindsay Bartolone Lindsay Bartolone

    Posted: April 7, 2014 by Lindsay Bartolone at 10:16 AM CDT

    Probably many folks are aware of the resources from this site, and the moderators for this page may already have planned to include this link, but I was on this page today and thought it should be added here.  There are many articles, research and webinars listed off of this main page: