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January 2014 Earth Science E/PO Nuggets

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January 2014 Earth Science E/PO Nuggets


Stephanie Schollaert Uz – NASA Earth Stories for Science On a Sphere  Missions: Aura (lead) and GPM

  • A collaborative Earth Science E/PO project that produced three docent-led SOS shows to accompany the SOS movie ‘Water Falls’,
  • Scripts, datasets and playlists for the Water Cycle, Importance of Freshwater and Extreme Events were created.
  • The shows are part of a multi-day-long premiere event in New York at the Wild Center and in Colorado at the Space Foundation.

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Susan Callery – Earth Right Now Meets Hollywood

On January 8, 2014 NASA launched the Earth Right Now campaign with fifty Hollywood insiders visiting JPL. These visitors represented writers and producers from shows such as Friends, Judging Amy, Hawaii Five-O, Warehouse 13, Vegas, Mentalist, Shrek, and Monsters vs Aliens. NASA climate scientists, visualization producers and staff brought climate stories to TV, film and new media.

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Jan Heider – GLOBE Students Take Part in Surface Temperature Field Campaign in Record Numbers

The Surface Temperature Field Campaign, held annually since 2006, focuses on the impacts of snow on Earth’s temperature. GLOBE Students have been involved in data collection during this annual field campaign for eight consecutive years. This year, tens of schools and thousands of students participated. They recorded some of the coldest temperatures of any surface temperature field campaign so far.

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Dorian Janney – Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Releases “Waterfalls” in two Premier Events

Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) released a new film titled “Waterfalls” created specifically for Science on a Sphere (SOS). This film premiered in NY at the Wild Center and in Colorado at the Space Foundation. Both events included many workshops in support of GPM.

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Dorian Janney – Global Precipitation Measurement Mission hosts the “Sunday Experiment” at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

The Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) hosted an event at GSFC Visitor’s Center on January 19, 2014. This event had over 200 visitors who

  • learned about the mission from the application scientist,
  • viewed the new GPM Science on a Sphere (SOS) film Waterfalls, and
  • participated in various hands-on activities to learn more about the water cycle, extreme weather and accurately collecting precipitation data.

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Kevin Ward – NASA Earth Observatory Facebook Reaches One Million Milestone January 2014

The Earth Observatory team recognizes the growing importance of social media as a communication tool because:

  • Social media makes it easier for people to syndicate content created for the web site, giving the Earth Observatory a much broader reach than the web site alone
  • Social media facilitates conversation about Earth Observatory content, which makes readers active participants rather than passive consumers of NASA Earth science
  • Conversations on social media allows the team to identify stories of interest to readers.

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Bernadette Luna – Airborne Research Experience for Educators, Summer 2013

Collaboration between the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, an EV1 airborne science mission and the ATTREX Mission to present educator workshops to educate teachers on the science related to both missions. 

A 10-day institute trained 12 educator ambassadors who created classroom curriculum in a pilot project.

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Rusty Low – NASA SMD e/PO Forums Earth Science/Planetary Science Virtual Retreat Session – Gifted Students are Underserved Too!

As part of the Earth Science/Planetary Science Virtual Retreat, this webinar focused on three main areas of gifted education, ‘The Gifted and Talented: Who they are, What they need, Why they don’t have it, and What we can do about it.”

  • The webinar was attended by 29 NASA E/PO and facilitated by Dr. Russanne Low, IGES/NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) Forum, and Mr. Zack Ryle, WKU, and hosted by Mr. Tom Nolan, Critical Instrument Operations Engineer, NASA-JPL.

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Sarah Crecelius - SD Education & Public Outreach at the 94th American Meteorological Meeting, February 2-3, 2014 Atlanta, GA

Teacher Workshop and Share-a-Thon.

  • In hands-on workshops, Jessica Taylor and Sarah Crecelius presented “NASA Earth Science Education to understand our atmosphere: Observing aerosols and clouds,
  • Highlighted SD E/PO Projects, GLOBE and S’COOL as well as the CALIPSO and CERES Missions,
  • At Weather Fest, NASA LaRC had over 300 visitors at the booth,
  • Sarah Crecelius demoed the new sky conditions activity and participants made cloud observations.

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