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November 2013 Earth Science E/PO Nuggets

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1. NASA Presents at the Virginia Science Education Leadership Association (VSELA) Climate Symposium and the Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) Professional Development Institute

November 14-16, 2013

Over 800 educators and 100 science supervisors and curriculum leads attended.

Highlights included:

Dr. Lin Chambers and Bonnie Murray were invited speakers

There was a NASA room that included topics such as:

  •  CERES, CERES-based Energy Budget story,

  • a graphing activity on global average temperature,

  • resources from the NICE project, Mapping Our World which highlights data from Terra, Aqua, CALIPSO etc.,

  • S’COOL, MyNASAData, GLOBE, MAVEN, and a

  • Share-a-thon of other NASA missions and EPO projects.

Remote presenters joined, via NASA’s Digital Learning NetworkTM and a NASA booth was presented in the exhibit hall. 

Bonnie Murray (

2. Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) “Friends and Family Day”

    Sat., Nov. 9th, 2013

    Over 300 attendees!

Many activities engaged attendees including learning about the science and engineering from scientists and engineers and building models.

Dorian Janney (

3. Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) and FIRST LEGO Robotics Team Study Landslides!

A multigenerational group of FIRST LEGO Robotics club members participated in investigations with GPM E/PO to learn about the upcoming mission.

Dorian Janney (

4. Earth as a Goldilocks Planet - NASA Earth Stories for Science On a Sphere Missions: Aura (lead) and Aqua


Collaborative Earth Science E/PO project that includes a new Earth’s energy budget movie and docent script and builds upon recent discoveries from the Kepler mission.

Stephanie Schollaert Uz (

5. Classroom Connections during NASA’s Operation IceBridge with the Mission Tools Suite for Education


The NASA Airborne Science Program’s Mission Tools Suite for Education (MTSE) website allows K-12 classrooms from around the world to:

  •  track the locations of NASA aircraft in real-time and

  •  participate in live text-chats with mission scientists, engineers, pilots, and others.

During Operation IceBridge Antarctica in November 2013, MSTE connected with 761 students in 24 classrooms in 7 states directly to Antarctica through online chats

Emily Schaller (

6. REEL Science Communication Contest Missions: IceSat-2, Terra, and Aqua

Deadline: February 21st, 2014


NASA Earth Science missions kicked off a new video contest (deadline February 21, 2014) designed to challenge high school age students to produce a video communicating NASA Earth Science to younger students.

This contest challenged High School students to engage younger students in Earth Science by creating a 2 minute video communicating one of these science topics:

  1. How Ice Impacts Climate and Climate Impacts Ice

  2. Forest Fire Effects on Air Quality

  3. Water on the Water Planet

The contest is open to residents of the United States ages 13 to 18 and submissions can be from teams or individuals.

Prior year Stats:

48 entries in 3 categories.

5 students participated in the July workshop resulting in 2 outstanding student produced videos posted and highlighted on NASA's YouTube channel.

Tassia Owen (