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3-D Thursdays: April 6 Session on Upcoming Solar Eclipses

Posted on March 8, 2023 - 2:16 PM CST

Tags: Educator

Join hosts Dr. Rachael Arens, Associate Researcher at NAU PLANETS & Luke Henke, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NASA on Thursday, April 6th at 7pm CT/ 8pm ET as they welcome Dr. Duncan and Dr. Keller who will discuss solar eclipses--from their first, seen from a rural village in remote Mexico, to the one that proved Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that space can be bent, to the upcoming eclipses.  They will also explore their invented “Solar Snap,” which allows anyone to take photos of the sun using a smartphone camera and share the first of the Fiske Planetarium’s videos of the “Ring-of-Fire” October annular eclipse and the total solar eclipse.  

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