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Goddard Celebrates Earth Science Week 10/11-14

Updated on October 5, 2022 - 1:57 PM CDT
Posted on October 5, 2022 - 11:27 AM CDT

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Goddard will celebrate Earth science with presentations in October. These talks will not be recorded.

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Brian Campbell will talk about how NASA GLOBE Program volunteers, from students to
teachers to enthusiasts, have been taking tree height measurements and observations using
handheld clinometers and the NASA GLOBE Observer App Trees Tool. He will also highlight
the upcoming NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate.

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Akiko Elders will talk about how remote sensing affords the opportunity to monitor and
evaluate data-scarce regions where field collection efforts are costly. A current project uses
multiday moderate resolution Sentinel-2 and random forest models to predict crop type and
yield in Burkina Faso, with greater than 80% accuracy in the rainy season.

Wednesday, Oct. 12
Julie Hoover will talk about how food is an important part of life, as well as how the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA’s Joint Polar Satellite System make sure
fresh and healthy food continues to be available for everyone.

Thursday, Oct. 13
Julie Lawson will talk about how trash pollution – whether in our neighborhoods, parks, or
local streams – makes our communities feel unhealthy, unsafe, and uncared for. When it joins
with polluted runoff and reaches our rivers, bays, and oceans, the effects and solutions
become even more complex.

Friday, Oct. 14
Michael Kirk will talk about the role of the Sun in life and how living with a star is a life of
duality. The Sun is the source of nearly all the energy found on Earth, and life as we know it
could not exist without the energy it provides.

These events will start at noon ET and are available through Microsoft Teams.

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