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International Observe the Moon Night 2022

Posted on September 2, 2022 - 1:55 PM CDT

9/30/2022 (Fri) - 11:00 PM CDT

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Event information

Saturday, October 1 is International Observe the Moon Night! You are invited to join observers around the world in learning about lunar science and exploration, making celestial observations, and honoring cultural and personal connections to the Moon. This annual, worldwide public engagement event takes place when the Moon is close to first quarter – a great phase for evening observing.

We encourage you to interpret 'observe' broadly. From lunar art projects to virtual field trips to data that you can hear, there are so many ways to enjoy, learn about, and connect with the Moon. Visit the International Observe the Moon Night website to find creative observing suggestions, event posters, hands-on activities, and custom Moon Maps designed especially for this year’s event.

Get Involved!

  • You can participate in International Observe the Moon Night from wherever you are. Attend or host a virtual or in-person event, or join in as an individual observer.
  • Register your participation to add yourself to the map of lunar observers worldwide.
  • Connect online: Raise awareness and share your experience participating on social media, using the hashtag #ObserveTheMoon.
  • On October 1, tune into our NASA TV Broadcast and find views of the Moon from telescopes around the world on our Live Streams page.

For additional details and resources, please visit the International Observe the Moon Night website: