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The Road to Mission Science: Seminars for Students and Early Career Researchers

Posted on July 11, 2022 - 3:17 PM CDT

Tags: Higher Education | Students | Scientists | Planetary Science

NASA is sending spacecraft to study objects throughout the solar system! With support from the ChemCam instrument team on the Mars Curiosity mission, the LPI is hosting informational webinars for students and early career researchers who have an interest in becoming involved in current or future planetary missions. Undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and early career scientists are invited to join us for a discussion of how to prepare, both academically and professionally, for a career in mission science. We will also share opportunities for getting involved!

Each virtual event features a panel of mentors and mission scientists who will share their backgrounds, experiences, and recommendations. As we strive to increase the awareness and accessibility of mission science careers, we will describe ongoing and upcoming missions, roles within missions, and ways that students can become involved. These seminars will also provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and make connections with mission scientists.

The next event in this series will be a 90-minute virtual seminar on Tuesday, July 19, at 3 p.m. EDT / 2 p.m. CDT / 1 p.m. MDT / 12 p.m. PDT. The webinar will be recorded and available online on LPI’s YouTube channel.

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