Christine Shupla Christine Shupla

NASA SMD Science Activation Portfolio Evaluation Plan

Posted on August 12, 2021 - 9:48 AM CDT

Tags: SciAct Community

Attached is the full evaluation plan created by Pacific Research and Evaluation (PRE).

The SciAct portfolio is comprised of 28 competitively selected projects, each uniquely designed to bring to life SciAct’s four top-line objectives through focused pursuit of accompanying mid-level objectives. Through portfolio evaluation, PRE seeks to help SMD identify collective impacts and document progress towards achieving stated program-wide outcomes.

PRE has been engaged as Portfolio Evaluators to help strengthen the focus of the program and ensure that projects in the portfolio are effectively meeting overarching program goals and objectives. This document shares the planned approach and methodology to guide inquiry efforts relative to the following goals:

  • Develop shared, actionable, and measurable goals to assess how SciAct fits within and contributes to the larger STEM education ecosystem.
  • Understand the ways in which NASA assets, SciAct Partnerships, and Project Networks contribute to top-level and mid-level objectives.
  • Identify effective strategies for achieving objectives and understand how these practices can be adapted to different project environments.
  • Define the scope of SciAct reach across a range of underserved communities throughout all realms of project activities.
  • Explore the ways in which SMD and SciAct awardees can work together to maintain focus and progress towards top-level and mid-level objectives.