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Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS)

Posted on November 10, 2020 - 8:04 AM CST

Tags: General Public | Retreat | Presentation

The Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) wants you to learn about NASA programs through visualization. The SVS works closely with scientists in the creation of visualizations, animations, and images in order to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at NASA and within the academic research community supported by NASA. These visualizations are designed to be enjoyed by people of all walks of life, and to be accurate enough to also be insightful for the NASA research community.  Data is only as useful as our ability to make sense of it.  When visualizers and scientists work in concert, they unearth stories within datasets and push the boundaries of knowledge.  Scientific visualization is not a mere translation of numbers into pictures: shapes and colors breathe life into real scientific data, allowing us to see patterns and complexities that were once invisible or unknown.  The visualization process itself becomes a vehicle for scientific inquiry, capturing the curiosity of both visualizer and researcher.  When shared with the world, the resulting data-driven artworks inspire as much as they educate and entertain.