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Night Sky Network Webinar Series: OSIRIS-REx: To Asteroid Bennu and Back

Updated on October 20, 2020 - 12:35 PM CDT
Posted on October 16, 2020 - 4:03 PM CDT

11/17/2020 (Tue) - 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM CST

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Join the NASA Night Sky Network on Tuesday, November 17 at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) to hear Carl Hergenrother update us on the OSIRIS-REx mission to asteroid Bennu.

OSIRIS-REx is a NASA New Frontiers-class mission to collect a sample of the carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu and return it to Earth for analysis. Over the past two years, OSIRIS-REx has studied the surface and near-space environment of Bennu in depth. This webinar will provide an update  on the progress of the mission as well as present many of the exciting discoveries made at Bennu.

About Carl Hergenrother
Carl Hergenrother is an observational astronomer at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory specializing in the study of comets and asteroids. He is a member of the Science team of the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission. As OSIRIS-REx, he was responsible for leading the effort to select and remotely characterize Bennu, monitoring the near-Bennu space for ejected particles, and helping coordinate the Target Asteroids! citizen science project. Carl is an avid backyard observer where his “go to” equipment are a pair of 30x125 binoculars. He enjoys visually observing comets, meteor showers, and galactic novae and is also the Comets Section Coordinator and Associate Director of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO).

Everyone is welcome to view a livestream of this webinar on the Night Sky Network YouTube channel.