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SMEs Engage Educators Across the Nation about Observing Earth from Space using Astronaut Photography

Posted on September 29, 2020 - 7:07 PM CDT

Tags: Informal | Educator | Webinar | Scientist Engagement | Nuggets | Planetary Science | SciAct Community

On April 24 & 29, 2020, Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science (ARES) scientists Andrea Meado & Andy Britton shared how NASA & the world observe Earth from space using astronaut images.

April 24: reached ~111 live and ~136+ archived participants across 30 states, Mexico, and Haiti; April 29: reached ~55 live participants and 54+ archived participants across 29 states, Puerto Rico, and France. Numerous Science Activation partner audiences were reached including classroom teachers, Solar System Ambassadors, Museum staff, Librarians, and Amateur Astronomers.

Feedback: "I liked looking at the photos and answering the questions about what information could be gotten from them. stretch your critical thinking."